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Pedalboards....Post em man!!!


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Just moved my stuff over to the new PedalTrain board. I can feed up to four amps with this wiring - two from the delay and two from the chorus. The signal that ends at the chorus pedal I use for clean sound. The signal that ends at the delay, I use for dirty.



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Nice Board Surfpup


Thanks. I'm liking it. I need some right angle cords for the outs to the amps. I ordered some George Ls cable in bulk today. I have the right end connectors already. I don't like the way the tuner has to sit. I might look for one with a smaller footprint.

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This is more of a bump than anything.


Getting rid of my SKB PS-45 board.


This weekend I will be creating a monster board run with daisy chains and 1spots, and will post the results...


I am incorporating a Octa-Switch and have actually thinned out the pedals.


Traded in my DD6 for a DD20...Man this thing has endless possibilities.

Getting rid of my Morley volume for the smaller Ernie ball.

CH1 is gone.

RC will be gone...Gonna craigslist it. Limited edition Copper.

Digitech Metal Master is gone.

TU2 replaced with a Korg Pitchblack

Rotovibe will be back.

MXR M108 10 band eq is gone.

Ratt is gone




Lot's of work but I can't wait for the end result.

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