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My first Gibson, a 1990 LP Studio. Got it a few weeks ago, still in the process of restoring it (Sat for about 5 yrs in an attic, needless to say she didn't like that very much).


I've been cleaning and babying the hell out of this thing, pics show progress...


Coincidence my first Gibson Les Paul is the year and month he graduates from Earth?


I say there is no such thing as coincidence...









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My only LP is an all stock 2004 Studio Plus. All stock but the tuners which I only changed to Grovers because I snapped off one of the Gibsons.


All around great guitar. I always recommend the Studio unless you want to pay $1000-$3000 more for a guitar that looks and might play a little better when strumming in the bedroom.

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Love the wine reds w/ gold, if I get another Studio that'll be the one. As it is, I've got two Studios and no complaints really, though I need better pickups for the ebony one (god forgive me, it was a project and has Epiphone LP hums in it until I can get something better, hopefully Burstbucker 3's...) I prefer the weight of the older Studios, although I admit some of the chambered-body LP's sound pretty good.

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