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Andre S

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Hey Cruznoldfart' date=' What's up with the Epi double cut Les Paul? Never saw one before![/quote']


It's a Del Rey I bought new in '98. They were made from '97 through '99 and, for some reason, never caught on. Now I get comments on it all the time. It's pu's are called OBL's but they're NOT Bill Lawrence, they're licensed copies of a blade-style hb that can be split via the push-pull tone knob. It's my favorite player, gets probably 10 times the play time of any of the others. Just fits. And at 11+ years old, it's looking pretty nice still. I've often considered picking up one or two more just in case.

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It would take me a month to take pics of all my gear... and I dont care enough to waste a month of my life so some guys can droll over the lot of stuff I don't even use.


So I'll pass.


I didn't show all of my equipment - 5 out of 12 guitars. That guitar in your avatar doesn't look like your tele or LP either.

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Here is my music room




and some favourites



Gretsch Brian Sezter signature 'Hot Rod'




My Tony Johnson concert guitar



Heavily modded 2003 Gibson Flying V




My Gibson 'GOR' Les Paul



Heavily modded Les Paul Studio



Fender Japan 62 Re-issue Jaguar...awesome!!



Gibson 91 M3 Deluxe


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what is the story of the heritage model? i've seen them. are they just a gibson copy or a subsidiary?


ps - i'm gassing huge for a gold top. yours is beautiful.


Heritage guitars is a company started about 24 years ago by

former Gibson employees who bought out the Kalamazoo factory

when Gibson relocated to Nashville and Memphis (and later Bozeman MT).

the model shown is a very limited edition 20th anniversary CM-150

number 9 of only 20 made. it is handmade and plays and sounds as

good as any of the dozen or so Les Pauls i own. Heritage guitars

are one of the best value for money in the guitar world these days.

the goldtop is a Gibson R6 custom shop and thanks for the compliment.

here is a Heritage Goldtop for comparison too. a very nice hand-made

guitar featuring Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups.



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