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Could the continuous use of a guitar stand damage my Les paul?


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Depends on the material the stand is made from.

"Damage" here is just marks on your guitar.

I've wrapped the parts of my stands that touch the guitar with cotton.


Yeah me too, where the headstock sits on the stand I've wrapped in cloth, I'm more talking about physical damage rather than marks on the guitar, I mean when it's on the stand all the weight of the guitar is being supported by the headstock.

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I have a not so nice RUT across the back of my LP's neck from the cheap rubber used on the stand I used to use...........it literally ATE the nitro off that piece of the neck.......

use a case, or cover the rubber on the stand with something that won't have a chemical reaction with laquer.

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definitely cover the rubber parts of the stand with cloth/fabric tape/whatever. I can't believe that no major stand maker has managed to make a stand that is truly lacquer-safe.


as for physical damage... it'll get dirty faster and you may have hardware tarnishing faster if it's left exposed like that. Also if it falls off... that headstock will break. The truss rod adjustment hole really weakens the end of the neck. If it falls flat over the weight of the tuners can cause it to snap off.

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Lot's of good points here but they all point back to protecting the guitar, not if stands or other storage is harmful. I have guitars that have not been in a case for anything other than transport for the last 20+ years. I have a home studio and hang 20 guitars on the walls in the studio (see my avatar) all with no damage of any kind. I use "Off the Wall" brand hangers which are hard plastic coated in a material that is nitro safe and the room has temp and humidity controls and nobody goes into the room without me so the guitars are as safe as possible.


Stands by themselves are not hazardous to guitars but if your not careful and not safe it's a hell of a lot easier to knock a guitar off a stand than it is to damage one inside it's hard case.

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I have dark 'shadows' on my 335 and a Les Paul from sitting on high quality stands for less than a year.

I would post pics, but they're too faint to capture with a digital camera.


In person, you can see 'em in three spots.

They're light, but I've had other people besides me notice 'em.


My point is, how do you know?

Only one way to find out for sure - the same way I did.

When I noticed it, I got out the polish to see if I could get it off.



They're forever.


Either in the case or on white cotton is all I do, that was seven years ago.

Looks like RS59 might be onto something, but I've already fixed my storage issues with white cotton bath towels.


If it's ANY kind of foam rubber or soft plastic, it's just a matter of time.

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Hanging by the headstock?

Doesn't hurt 'em a bit, no way it could.


Now, falling from the hanger is another issue - always worried me though it never happened....


I did it for awhile, even went so far as to buy stainless screws for mounting the hangers.

Too much dust, too much exposure.


That's why after all these years the wife finally persuaded me to do this;








Actually saved alot of room too, so I got two of 'em.

Note cotton cover over stand for nitro-finished guitars.

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Get the rubber covered with cotton and you should be alright. My Studio has

been sitting in it's stand for 14 years. I just had it in and had it setup and tech

said everything look great. Like all the rest have said accidents are the danger.

A dog or yourself bumping into it and knocking it over. I think after seeing rs1959's

setup with the wall hangers I'm going to get some for the added safety factor.



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I'm just wondering if keeping a Les Paul on a stand all the time' date=' could over time cause any damage?, The stand I'm using is a good quality Ultimate.[/quote']



Hmm...mine comes out of its case.....gets played....goes back into its case.


Got a stand....just never seems to get used.



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Another victim of a guitar-eating-stand here. My 95 LP Studio in Alpine White got MELTED - we're not talking marks or tarnish here - I mean a large spot where the finish looked like melted candle wax. Funnily enough, it was ONLY the harder plastic at the top of the stand that did the really bad damage. This was years before I learnt about nitro etc. I now wrap white cotton on my stand for my LP Standard. I take another smaller stand to gigs which has gaffer tape (fabric tape) on it. Not pretty, but soft enough for the short periods it's on there. Please please please do not let a stand melt your axe!

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Now you all have me worried about my new Les Paul.

How about cork? Does cork affect the finish? I was considering pulling the foam rubber off my FretRest stand and wrapping the cradles in cork bicycle bar tape.

I found a link to this company on another forum: http://www.axehugger.com/

With all the talk of this problem both here and on other forums, I figure someone somewhere had to have come up with a product to address the need. They're a tad pricey but nobody else seems to be addressing the problem with a ready-made product so power to 'em.

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