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12 string SG - Anybody know anything about 'em?


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Anybody know anything about a 12 string SG?


Here's one I have that was made in 1995. I heard an unsubstantiated rumor from a guy at Gibson that there may have been a dozen made but this is the only one I've seen in the three years I've owned it.


There were a few Custom Shop ones made, but they were very different in the neck and body machining.

Of course there are the old Melody Maker 12 strings from the sixties but they weren't even close.


Here's a link to the story as I know it;






SG 12 string.
















Here's some shots with an SG 61 and Custom Shop double neck for comparison.

Gives an idea of the differences in machining and layout of the guitars if you look closely.









Anybody know anything?

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Yeah, that's why I posted the pics for comparison.

Everything is moved back on the body and the neck doesn't extend much further out.



You want neck-heavy?



Play the EDS-1275 double neck.

They suck BIG TIME in that regard - both the Epi and the Gibson.



The Epi because the body is made of sh!t wood and has puny little girlie electronics in it - so it's all in the neck.


The Gibson because it's solid Mahogany and has bigger, heavier pots and switches in it.

Overall, much heavier than the Epi and still drags your shirt down the front of you with a suede strap.


Sound is devine though.....





I was gonna put Grover Rotomatics and mini Rotomatics on it.

God I can only imagine what a difference 18 tuners with so much more mass would have made way out there...

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