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No Original Gibson Case For SG Model???

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Just get the TKL case. It's practically the same case that gibson uses. If the non-gibson thing bothers you a lot just make a stencil and spray paint it on.




I have the TKL case for my 2005 standard LP (she came with it, it has gibson stencil and "made in canada" sticker)

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Hi Guys' date='

Just checked out the TKL case for the SG and it looks very close to an original Gibson case, not sure exactly what the differences are but I can't tell. And it's a good price with free shipping.




The difference may the "Gibson" silkscreen.


I personally prefer the TKL to the cases I have with "Gibson" (Les Paul and 335) advertising to all and sundry the value of the guitar inside. Thieves don't need help in identifying targets.

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also... the TKL is grey inside I believe. The gibson cases are white. also the tolex may be a different texture.


I gotta go get some glue, as the tolex is pealing off in two places already on my SG case... the freakin guitar was only made in april and bought in June... oh well.

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