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Mick Taylor Broke


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I agree that Taylor was the best musician and guitarist the Stones ever had. And I admit a preference for their catalog from the Taylor years. But I'm not convinced that Mr. Taylor can lay his current straits at the feet of the Stones. After all, he has had several years time to address this problem and has apparently chosen otherwise. As to his lifestyle, what are the chances that he has CHOSEN to live as he does?


I have a couple of fellow Viet Nam vet buddies who are the stereotypical "anti-social misfit effed up 'Nam vet" types. On those occasions when someone has wondered aloud why these guys are such butt-heads, they (the butt-heads) are quick to go into their "bitter victim" act and tell all about how VN screwed them up for life.


Truth is, they were d1ckheads before they ever got drafted. Just sayin'.

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Man' date=' that's really a shame. The Stones may have screwed him, but he also allowed it to happen.[/quote']




He's either an idiot, or too lazy to fight.


I assure you, if he has any royalties due, there are hundreds of good lawyers who would jump on it for a reduced fee, and thousands of decent ones.


Some people just need to fail.


I can't explain it, but you've all seen it......

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Some people just need to fail.

I can't explain it' date=' but you've all seen it...... [/quote']



Gotta love the way the media spins this stuff like it's a telethon or something.

I can hear Sally Struthers' whiney, quivering, crying voice now....

"Help these magnificent, dying guitar heroes before it's too late!!!!"




Still, the guy is spot-on in some of his assessments;


‘Part of the charm of the Rolling Stones, as far as I could see, was that they were not technically very good but were very raw and had great ideas.’



That was always my take on them, and his guitar work was first-rate.

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I saw Mick play about 5 years ago in a small festival setting in the Summer Series in Lowell.

He looked fine and played fantastic. He was not overweight ( or any More overweight than most of us)

He even chatted with the fans - signed autographs etc. I was close enough to see that he was sober.

Maybe he's fallen on harder times, but he seemed fine then. Quite popular with all the ages there.

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i read this story a few days ago...here's my take on it.

i should start by saying i love Mick Taylor's playing and have been a fan for most of my life.

however, i also know that he would have signed contracts when he joined the Stones and would have had a legal arrangement for any work he did.

let's remember he was with the band for about 5 years and made 5 studio albums and a live album during that time.

Taylor admits that he was paid and continued to be paid for years after he left the band.

his name does not appear on the songwriter credits and so he does not earn songwriter royalties.

after 30 odd years does Taylor have any proof that he should have received songwiter credits or been paid royalties?

if so, why has he chosen not to pursue any claims until now?

did Taylor receive any other compensation in lieu of songwriter credits?


i know that many Stones fans (and Taylor himself) claim he made significant contribution to writing songs such as Moonlight Mile, Sway, Winter, Time Waits For No one, Til the Next Goodbye and possibly others. but did he write those songs or simply provide guitar solos? does that consitute a co-writers credit?

on a related note, there is an arguement that none of the songs he claims to have contributed to were major hits and therefore not necessarily as financially lucrative as some might imagine.


it sounds to me like he is blaming others for choices he made and is bitter that his financial situation is a mess.

i wish Mick Taylor well and hope he can continue to make a living playing his guitar.

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