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Old Les Paul Custom 1968 WITH volute (?) Need Help Please...


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I have just bought an old Les Paul Custom. It's a 6 digit serial number (serial #910807). I checked serial numbers on Gibson website and I found my LP could be from 1968 or between 1970 and 1972.


I think it is from 1968 because the open top letters "B" and "O" of Gibson logo on the headstock. There is not the MADE IN USA mention beside the headstock too.

So it could be a 1968, right ?

But something is really strange: my Les Paul has a volute. I've seen on

a Gibson collector website that the models with volute started end-69 early 70.


Do you have some informations about that ? I am afraid it's not a good guitar... I don't know when it has been made... Please help me. Thanks friends !

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