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Lyre Vibrola tailpiece


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Scale deflection is similar to a Bigsby, not for dive-bombing at all.

Great for subtle effects and it's almost transparent on the guitar.

Take the arm off, you won't even know it's there.


I love a Bigsby, but they are big and bulky so they take some getting used to.


Simplicity and functionality are the rule for both.


I had my first (and only) Floyd Rose in 1982, almost 30 years later I can tell you I'll likely never own another.

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1. Yes.


2. There may be a difference with the damping effect of the spring steel, but in my experience I can't see it.


3. Yes, same as any other factory trem with the possible exception of PRS. Depends on your aggression I guess.




Plenty of sustain here.... :-)



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Maestro vibrolas looks cool but not so much travel, in my experience.  Also, on my ‘61 reissue, arm rode so low it scraped v and t knobs. Also it was pretty much all or nothing on the arm bolt. Free swing or locked tight. No stiff but adjustable setting. Also, arm must be removed or swung back towards strap button to shut case.

There are way better functioning vibratos out there. Even a vintage style strat vibrola works way better, just for reference.

I would not get one again. For my next SG I would try the Dusenburg Les Trem.


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