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No offense meant yoda but that was a rather pitiful job it looked like you dabbed gray paint on a the pic. and the toggle switch was a dead giveaway



That's the joke, if i was trying to lie and say i really had one, i'd get a picture off of the internet.

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Hi Guys,


This is my first post here and thought it made sense to be in this topic! I would love to add a photo of my Faded DC, I know it's not a 'Standard' but I hope it still warrants entry, however I can't work out how to upload the images from my Mac!!!!.


A little help would be appreciated.....




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Esch, Mine is identical to yours. Same color, too. Mine's an '04 instead of an '03. What can you say? I wish I'd bought two of them when I had the chance.


I've gotta admit it's great to see so many dcs. To be honest, I have yet to see another one in my neck of the woods and I bought mine 'on faith' when I ordered it on the net. I had never seen one 'in the flesh' but had coveted them in the catalogs for a long time before I pulled the trigger and if Gibby every re-issues them with the slim neck I WILL buy another one. If every Gibby was built to the quality of my dc pro there wouldn't be any nonsense talk about quality, period.

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