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Need help identifying my Flying V


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I'v got a Flying V what I'v had for quite some time now. I got it for about £450 and thought it was a bit cheap when I got it. Its a great guitar to play.

The thing what makes me wanna' know more about it is because it has cresent moon fret inlays.

I wanna' know the year it was made too. Its serial number is: 00142651


Heres a link to a picture of a similar one to mine: http://www.flying-v.ch/02_faded/02_faded.html (copy and paste it.. it doesn't seem to come up as a link)

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No, it's not an X-Factor. It's a faded V.

The faded SG Specials and the Vs had an ebony fingerboard with crescent moon inlays when they first came out.

Yours is one of these early ones. The newer ones have rosewood boards with do inlays.


The early ones sell for about $800 US (give or take) or about £495. I imagine in the UK it would probably be closer

to around £695.


Nice guitar. We need pics.

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And don't worry m00n, even the link in the original post was wrong. The Explorer was the X-Factor and the V was the V-Factor.


The faded series was just called the Flying V.


I just did a quick search on ebay and the range for faded Vs is around $500 to $700 (occasionally a bit higher).

The ebony/moon versions fetch a bit more more money. There were none currently on ebay or even in the completed listings, so there's really none to compare it to. This just goes to show how scarce they are.

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