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FS: 2007 J-45 Mahogany Quilt ***(SOLD)


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I am selling my Custom Shop J-45 Mahogany Quilt. I need to thin the herd and with my recent acquisition of a ’46 J-45, this is the one that makes sense to sell. There are forum members who have not only seen this guitar, but have played and heard it as well. I am not shilling to anyone when I say that this guitar sounds wonderful, has a great set-up by Bozeman’s Ron Monk, and is strikingly beautiful to look at. In the words of Ren Ferguson: “buy it, I may never get that wood again.”


My first impression (which has not changed at all) when playing this at the Music Villa was so strong that I traded in a LG-3 for it that I had sent out to the Villa for repair. That LG was the best early 60’s specimen I’ve ever come across and I never once regretted the deal. (I might add that Paul at the Villa flipped it the very next day to forum member—at cost—which is a testament to the folks at the Villa—but that is another story).


Why am I selling? With the acquisition of the ’46 J-45, this is the one that has to go—that simple. I do not have room for another J-45, and I need to sell one to justify my purchase of a nice small bodied guitar. People in Bozeman commented that this J-45 was perfect for my playing (which means it hides sloppiness!), but the fact is that my playing and the music I play is even more suited to my SWD—so that is my everyday go to guitar. I am selling this for $1750 ($1650 to anyone who was at the 2007 Homecoming) plus actual UPS shipping costs. It is a 2007 (I believe one of only 24 made) and it cost me $2000 used. It was in pretty much showroom condition when I got it, and I have babied it. The previous owner took the teardrop pickguard off, and I replaced it with a Bozeman batwing. I think the batwing works best—some agree, some do not—a lot folks recommended no pickguard.


This is an amazing guitar that I hate to part with—and I hope it goes to someone who will play it a lot and enjoy it.

No trade offers will be considered (out of respect to this great guitar).


Please contact me at if interested. Thanks. Pics here:







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Mike' date='

There are just too many great guitars and too little room and time. I really want it to go to someone that knows it and will play it a lot. I've detuned it already so I don't have a session with it and change my mind--again.[/quote']


I hear you. I feel guilty when I'm not able to give all of mine the playing time they deserve. I'm sure yours will sell fast.

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Guest NattyBumppo
A few people are working on getting the funds together. I wonder if I drop it another $50 whether it will make a difference? I was really under the impression this would be snagged instantly.


I'm surprised it wasn't! Absolutely beautiful guitar.

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