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Toggle Wrench


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Hey lads...


Im looking for a wrench that loosens/tightens the ring around the toggle switch.


I know Stewmac sells them but they dont accept Paypal.

Does anyone know where else I can find one?


Needle nose pliers.. go easy. Once you've got the pre-load off'n it use your fingers.


They actually make a wrench for that?

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Yeah' date=' but the ones I've seen were cheapies and didn't fit very well.

I suppose they work, but I use pliers as well.


Shouldn't matter, toggle shouldn't be[i'] torqued[/i].



DON'T scratch the top!!!




Best way to cut yourself, bust your knuckles, harm bystanders and scratch whatever it is you are working on is to use an cheap, ill fitting tool.


I wonder if those big nuts that come with ceiling fan switches fit toggle switches? Those are big enough to tighten with your thumb and fingers, even the polish sausages I have for fingers.

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