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Hi everyone, how are you all? I've just picked up a Gibson Les Paul 'Smart Wood' that was made in the year 2000. This is my first actual Gibson and I love it. I have always wanted a Gibson Les Paul and I'm now pleased I own one.


Does anyone else own one of these models? What do you think of them? When was yours made?


Talk soon,


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they are nice guitars...


i looked at them a couple of years back when i got my LP Vintage Mahogany...


i liked the look and the feel of the neck and i liked the unfinished quality to it...makes it feel very warm and a joy to play...


i ultimately decided against it for a couple of reasons...i liked the pups in the VM a lot better...and the mahogany top/bottom combo of the VM sounded nice and dark!


plus the VM was like 400 cheaper at the time more or less...


if i were in the market for another les paul studio...i'd pick up one of those over the traditional looking studios for sure!

the finish on it is nice and like i said earlier it just feels really good in your hands!


good luck!


im with dem00n though...we need to see piics or to us it doesnt exist!

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Hi everyone, it's great to have replies and hear from you all. Yeah it's the pic in my window. I'm not exactly sure what the top is made from buy yeah the top and fretboard are made from exotic woods. The neck and body are made from mahogany. They were made using exotic sustainable woods at the time. The Smart Wood models are no longer in production and are fairly difficult to come by. The one I picked up was the first one I had ever seen. Mine was the 193rd one made on December 4th 2000. I will have to take some pics and post them.

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Fake Gibsons' date=' our little man better not have any fakes; the masses will go to his house and Axe will drag him outside...


So welcome to the forum, so smart wood does that mean the guitar makes you play better? Just joking; I do remember the series, post pics when possible


Nah ill never make/own fakes. Ill own copies though...since some of them are acutal good..like the 70's les paul jap copies.

My location is a joke...i dont feel like putting i live in new york. ;)

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Ahh okay, your location and caption is a little misleading then. Making and owning copies isn't a problem providing people don't go over the top and start faking serial numbers etc. You're right though, the guitars that come out of Japan really are top quality.


So who actually owns one of these Smart Woods?

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