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Looking for a guitar tech-Phx, AZ


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I live in Phoenix, AZ, US. I am looking for a guitar tech who can work on my Epiphone Dot in my area who is at a superb skill level and won't give me the run around. I would like to have the nut replaced with an Earvana or a Buzz Feitan. I was wondering if anyone could give me a recommendation.



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Atomic Guitar Works.

West side of town near 101 & Glendale.


First rate work.


There's also Precision Guitar at 7th Ave and Campbell on the west side of the street.

Authorized service center for Gibson, Fender, etc....


Just a few blocks south of there is Bizarre Guitar, best dealer in the world - bar none.

65 Les Pauls hanging on the wall right now.

They don't do much work on 'em unless you can talk 'em into farming it out to Mike Patruno.

He was the manager there, just left after 25 years to do repairs only out of his own place.


I'll try to get some info on him if I can.

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