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I took the bait


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And it paid off!


Most of you told me NOT to get the Epiphone Valve Junior. But.... I did, the price was just to good.


Anyways, I bring it home, plug it into my 4X12, and the second i cranked it to 1/2 volume, I expected a nice quiet bedroom level.


Woooops, Ears were ringing, but the sound was amazing, so i rolled back my volume knob on Rhythm, and cranked the amp to 3/4th

I couldnt believe how good the sound was (the tubes had been going for about 15-20 minutes now), And that was directly plugged into my guitar, with no effects.

So I try full volume, the Overdrive is friggen amazing sounding, Very early rockish, not modern, but I didnt want modern, I wanted a soft warm sound to develop my sound onto. I got exactly that.


All in all, I know I will be keeping this amp, likely a tube replacement real soon, and a mod or two, but now I gotta go to try my overdrive pedal the way its meant to be used...


Thanks for all the input though guys, It still challenged my dicision, but I will be adding to my tube amp collection shortly with a VOX Ac4 Head.

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Congratulations my friend, really pleased you're happy.

I have three valve amps and they all do their own thing really well. I love my Epi Valve junior every bit as much as my Peavey Satch head and my Laney VC-15 combo.


My favourite combination for a clean tone is the epi with my Marshall reverb pedal and my Gretch Brian Setzer Hot Rod...the tone is heaven!!

I also love the cranked up natural distortion, it is complete Bluesbreaker territory!


Valve junior rocks :-k



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Yep' date=' only thing is now I have to get a reverb pedal (not mad about this :-k). [/quote']


Try this if you want killer spring reverb - Sole-Mate. Have one myself and could not be happier (unless I dropped $500+ for a tube reverb unit).


I love the single volume control' date=' If i wanted to change the sound, which I don't right now, I could use my EQ pedal and make the changes through that.[/quote']


No master volume amps all the way! That is my thing, although a tone or high&low knobs are good too.

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