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Has anyone tried a Earvana compensated nut yet. I just had a friend give me a drop in model made for the Les Paul he says there the best thing that ever happened to guitars since frets. Research on the web shows really mixed result from wonderful to ruins the guitar so really wondering if anyone has tried one. I usually replace the plastic nuts with bone so a drop in Earvana is a easy install but it's still plastic and looks kind of weird also.


Any experienced Earvane nut fans out there.



Sorry if this was posted before but search shows nothing?



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I've heard occasional rave reviews myself, scattered with much indifference.

I always wondered if it was simply a concept not well understood by most, so not popular as a result.


I've had a few guitars over the years that were out of tune when playing cowboy chords, even when open notes were dead on the mark according to my tuner. This alleviates that, right?


Sort of an intonation assist from one end to help with the bridge end?


If it were adjustable with individual saddles I might be more interested.


None of my guitars need it, so....

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I Had a ESP/LTD Axe that Came With it Stock and Its Was Nice at a Few Spots like at


2 & 3rd and Around 9th to The 15th or So. It Did Show up on the Tuner


Better than Most ( like on the "G" & "B" Strings) of my non Equipped Guitars and I was Planning on Installing


one on Another Guitar that I have and Even Bought Both,


The Drop in & the Adjustable one that Requires Some of the Fretboard to be Trimmed


But Have Never Gotten Around to Do it and I Sold the ESP Guitar for Some Cash to Fund


another Project.


Since that one I've Been Install only Brass Nuts. I Wish they Made-em out of Brass.

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