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Old Kay Guitar Revival !!!


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Got an old Kay archtop from the 50's most likely. There is a small blue and silver label on the inside, "Manufactured by Kay Musical Instrument Co., Chicago" and a shield symbol with "K" on the inside. Also marked K-20 on the back of the headstock. No serial numbers anywhere. I had some work done on it, neck reset, and new Grover tuners. Perfect action now, plays like butter. This is a FANTASTIC blues guitar. IT has an "archtoppy" "banjo-like" "resonator like" sound that is just amazing played normally or with a slide . The top back and sides are all mahogany laminate, but this laminate is VERY thin, but strong. I mean THIN, they must have heat and pressure glued and bent these parts into shape. That thinness contributes to the sound I'm sure....guitar is very light, easy to play.....I recommend it if you can find them....This one has just the right amount of "mojo", enjoy











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Sometimes the serial #s are on the inside of the guitar towards the head and you need a small mirror (like the ones at the dentist) to see.


dont know if thats the case here but its not unheard of on some guitars.

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owf....Very Pretty!


I just love seeing these old guitars given a new life. But it is beautiful and you gave the old girl a second chance. I don't know if this was worth the investment dollars and cents-wise, but I am sure you made a killing in the guitar karma department!


Looks like a guitar to love !

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