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Mind your manners!


It's not polite to ask old geezers how old they are...






9-23 for me Dave!

Have a good one!!!


I could say I wanted to go to Europe for my birthday and you'd still have me beat - since you live there and all....



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Happy Birthday' date=' Dave! I'm a little late, but that's the story of my life. I hope you had a great time! :([/quote']


Actually your are not too late.... Still plenty of Sept.19th left! Don't forget I'm at least 6 hours ahead of most of you so when I posted this it was still the 18th in the states. My last couple of Bdays sucked, worked my arse off the whole day, so I'm going to drag this one out to the max.... Going to Ibiza to celebrate with friends!!


DAS44, I'm 50 **cough**something... Ok I was born in 55 so just do the math. I am not running out to a guitar store to buy myself another guitar for my Bday, that being said I am watching something on ebay that the auction ends before the day is over...:-&


Thanks again to all!!!

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