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As Gibson lovers, we all know that separating a couple g's for a guitar is a big deal. So please share your favorite story of your buying experience when you purchased your guitar. Doesn't have to be recent, a gibson, or even one you still own. Personally, I have found my favorite guitars to have great stories associated with them.

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MY only good electric is my Gibson les paul studi (wine red gold hardware) I know the story is gettin old but I got it for 400 bucks off craigslist. The guy bought the guitar never used it divorced his wife (she got it) and she just wanted it out of the house.

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I bought my Les Paul while working in a music store right after college (in the early 90's, a bachelor's degree in communications would get you a job in retail). I worked there for about a half a year and, during that time, would check out whatever Les Pauls that we would put out on display as I really wanted one - badly - and wanted to take advantage of the employee discount (dealer cost). I checked out a LOT of Les Pauls of all varieties; I wasn't looking for a particular type, just a really sweet guitar. There were a few that just felt dead but most were good guitars but I knew what I liked in a guitar and tried well over 50 of them until I came across my Custom.


The Custom was miles ahead of all the other LPs I tried and I could tell before I even plugged it in. The thing would shake and vibrate like crazy when I played it and was MUCH more lively than anything else I had picked up. So, I plugged it in to my favorite demo amp (Mesa Boogie Mark IV 1x12) and let 'er rip. No disappointment whatsoever.


I didn't want another black guitar because they show finger prints and goop too easily, I don't care for gold hardware and a flame top would have been awesome but this guitar was a real mother f'er and that was the end of it. I removed the pickup covers within the first year to eliminate microphonic feedback but, other than that, it's completely stock. The only issue I have with it is that, when running a *lot* of gain at high volume, the guitar can howl with low frequency feedback similar to a hollowbody; I think it has something to do with the space between the cap and the body. Viva la Nugent!


All told, I paid $1,600 (dealer cost) for this guitar brand new back in 1992. It is a total badass and I still enjoy playing it just as much today as I did when I bought it almost 20 years ago. To date, I have played one other guitar that wails like my guitar and it was a Custom Shop gold top with P90s that I dude I used to work with owned.




More pictures

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T'was a chilly October morn in southern Illinois "the land of Murf"

I loaded my arse into me trusty land boat and headed across the bridge from Granite City into St George Mo.

There was a sundries shop of stringed instruments called the Guitar exchange.

Hanging upon the wall was an odd looking paddle to say the least.

I had heard such a mermaid existed but never had I seen one in the flesh. Yar!

after looking about the hole I asked... arg matey what ye be asking for the odd beast that be hanging from the yardarm?

He looked at me with the grin only the captain of the ship could wear.

And quoted me a price of a queens ransom$$$


I scoffed his offer and left the store unarmed. Yar.


After a few ales and rum at the pirates den Applebees I returned with a fresh out look.


After many a minute of negotiations I walked away with the bountiful booty known as the Clapton Cut Explorer/Yar!!!


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Would have to be my 50th & Pearly.



I got first crack at the ones that entered Canada. In total, Gibson sent 25 to Canada but the first shipment only had three guitars. I got a phone call from a guy at the warehouse and he said - they're in!! I left work (lol), hopped in a car and drove about an hour to the warehouse. I walked in, the guy showed me to a room with three Gibson boxes and a ton of amps. He pulled all three guitars out of the box, I played them and got to pick the one I thought was the best one. All three played great but this one sounded the best, by far.




Pearly Gates

I came across a few pics of the guitar after I had already bought it. Pretty self explanatory. O:)



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Well I was a young lad playin' with my other sprogs when I had dreams of owning a real Les Paul. T'is a fate worse than being in Davy Jones' Locker without one. I got used to the notion that I could never afford one because I didn't have enough doubloons. So, alas, the booty would go unclaimed for many years to come. One day whilst being loaded to the gunwales drinking me grog, I decided to stop in the local music store with the lass. Ahoy, thar on the wall sat a row of the finest pieces o' eight I've seen. I told the lass about my keelhaul story of wanting one since being a sprog. She quickly responded that I can easily afford one now. Shiver me timbers, she was right! When I got it I was in fiddlers green. Aye mates, t'is a good thing when the booty is finally yours...

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,"I had played guitar for about 5 years before. I began t' work and save up for a grog Red Les Paul Studio. Then as I was about t' buy it, t' price rose from 1199 t' 1319. I was crushed. But me dad,m knowin' how long I saved, said, ok, I will put t' extra, and I got it!"



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Well my story is slightly different. I had been gassin for a goldtop for quite awhile when I got an email telling me I'd WON!! "Yeah right!" I thought as I opened the email and read it to myself. It was for the Slash Reckless Road Sweepstakes that I had entered. I read it over and over not really comprehending what it said. Something to the effect that these are the items I had won. 1.Gibson Les Paul Slash Goldtop signed by Slash

2.Epiphone Les Paul Slash Goldtop signed by Slash

3.Reckless Road Book signed by Slash

4.12x17 glossy photographs of GNR members

I asked my 22 yr old son to read it and he thought it had to be legit. Then called my brother and he thought it sounded legit and was there a phone number I could call. Well sure enough there was so I called and got an answering machine but my call was returned in about 5 minutes. The voice on the other end assured me the prizes were mine and would be sent out soon. Well a month and a half later they arrived ending what may have been the longest wait of my life. Pretty sweet.


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It was a hot August day in 2005. I was driving my Jeep home taking the long way around to avoid all the tourists. I drove by a Dodge Neon parked at the side of the road, thinking nothing of it. About a half mile later, here comes this Neon swerving all over the place coming up pretty quick like, I notice in my mirror the drivers slumped over. Before I knew it, the car was almost on me, I swerved over to the other side of the road in an attempt to miss the car. It hit the right rear corner of my bumper, spinning me around and stopping me in the middle of the road, the car went off the road into a small ravine alongside a corn field. I got out of the Jeep and went down into the ditch to see if the driver was alright. I stick my head in through the window, first thing I smell is alcohol, the woman driving the car was sloshed, says, "yer not gonna call the cops are ya?", to which I said, "lady, not only am I gonna call the cops, but you just bought me a guitar!" I was able to drive away the Jeep, she had to be pulled out by a wrecker. My insurance company came out, and "totalled" the Jeep, which just had a small dent on the bumper. The adjuster wrote me a check for the bluebook value of the Jeep, which was 1600.00. I took 499 dollars, and purchased the guitar pictured below from Musician's Friend sight unseen, and paid bills with the rest. Have had this guitar for 4 years, and I'm more than happy with it, have had no major problems so far, she's a hell of a guitar.

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My Dad passed away on Memorial Day, 25 May, 1998. He was, in my eyes then and now, the finest man I'd ever known. I wanted something to memorialize him, to pass down in the family, hopefully from one generation to the next. In spite of Dad's careers after his 36 years in the Army, he was always "The Colonel" in my thoughts and memories, thus the eagle inlay on the board. I worked closely with the builder on this and felt like I got exactly what I wanted.


The Eagle (builder: Chris Benavente)



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