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Got a questions 'bout setting up a guitar.


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Take this from a guy who's bought over $50,000 worth of gear...


The best $100 I ever spent was on this;




Without it - you suck.

Trust me.





I was thinking about buying a nice tuner and, like you, I resisted spending the money.

I started looking at what the pros use and I kept seeing this one onstage.

Players raved about it.


I figured it was high as hell, being "professional quality" and all, turns out to be $100.


Worth much more, believe me.

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And cheaper.



A good tuner will teach you a thing or two about yer guitar too.


I realized that when tuning I was applying back pressure on the headstock of my 335, pulling it slightly sharp.

Never noticed it on a solid body.

Either way, I made a decision to stop doing it.


Accuracy is a good thing.

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Its simple cheaper I like it.

Biggest difference;

TU-12 is for bench work like Axe sez.

Drawback is that it's plastic and doesn't like being dropped or jerked around by the cord.

(Yes' date=' it WILL happen.)[/b']



TU-2 is a stompbox for the floor - built like a tank.

Works as a mute pedal too.


Lit so you can see it in the dark.

Easy to use.

Tough as hell.

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Well I'm going with the TU-2 as you said neo the things gonna take a beating if im gonna be usin it so best to be safe.

(found it for 88 bucks online including shipping)


I'm askin this because I got me THE gibson les paul handbook and wanted some recomendations.

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