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The new rule thread.


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Unfortunately, this is not a new phenomenon, It's a form of being [FIRST] to reply to a thread, regardless of knowledge or age.

I have seen ill advised legitimate threads and auctions go in the crapper because of pure stupidity. PURE.


If you don't know. Don't guess.


It's .................

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"It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."


Wisdom at its finest, I hope you don't mind that I quote you.


I'm thinking about putting this in my signature block at work too. :-k

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ya that was my bad I'll stop to think more from now on.


That's always a good idea. Letting your brain move before your mouth greatly increases the possibility that you will say something of value.


(BTW, it took me a few minutes to compose that second sentence. I worked at it until I said exactly what I wanted. You should try that. Your English teacher will be happy as well.)


(And don't worry, I've been smacked around by AXE® too. It's only because he cares. =P~ )

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If you are clueless to the the question in question.



answer it.

newbs think posters with a count know something.

This can be very misleading.


I have thought the same thing many a time. I think Sufpup nailed it. Stop and

take time to think and I will add when done proof read your post I do and still miss

things and have to edit.



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