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Let's see your 347s!!!


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Very nice -- love the blonde! Back in '82, I had the choice between a 347 and a new Super Reverb and a used '63 Country Gent and a new, much more expensive amp. I got the Gretsch, but have always regretted not going the other way.


Now I have a blonde 335, but it's just not the same =sigh= (but I'm not sorry for the Super: a friend has one and it's too heavy for me).

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Hey qblue' date='

My sunburst is also a '91. You mentioned yours has "dirty finger" pickups. Is that what Gibson used for all the 347s that year?[/quote']


The pickups are actually called 'Series 7'. They were installed on all the ES-347's, with a maple body and necks. They are identical to the Dirty Fingers pickups that are now sold without the gold covers. They are now found on the Tom De Longe ES-335 guitar and a few others. It's a ceramic magnet containing pickup, and still considered a vintage style pickup.

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