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She's a little beauty but to be honest, I really don't know much about these "Juniors." What's the point? Are they for kids? Haha. Merely cheaper models ie; Fender Squier? How do they compare to their big brothers?




Care to discuss, enlighten and/or pontificate ad nauseam?

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That looks really sweet to me. I prefer the SG junior with the other pickguard style but I love both.


And that case is so cool. I want one of those pretty bad.


If I had the money I'd probly buy it. I've been looking for a more simple SG to beat around. My standard is getting wrecked.

Yeah i love the other pickgaurd one the most outta these two, http://www.provide.net/~woodrails/64sgjr.jpg i hope i get one, one day :D

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It's a Les Paul Junior. But an SG. "Junior" doesn't in any way mean "inferior" or "for children," it's just a different model. They've been making the SG Junior model since 1961... originally it had a dogear P-90 and small pickguard, but this guitar is nearly identical to that one.


When the Les Paul model was expanded on, you had the following:


Les Paul - two P-90s, carved top

Les Paul Special - two P-90s, flat top

Les Paul Junior - one P-90, flat top.


Eventually the humbucker was invented, and the Les Paul was switched over to that pickup. In 1961 when it was relpaced by the SG body, you had the


Les Paul/SG Standard, two humbuckers

Les Paul/SG Special, two P-90s

Les Paul/SG Junior, one P-90.


The SG Junior has never been quite as popular as the Les Paul Junior, but it has its place. I'm quite fond of the dogear version. They began using the large pickguard and soapbar P-90 in the late 60s as a cost-cutting measure.



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