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I got jumped by a woman..


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..and I dont mean in a nice way either!


Had a few beers with my brother last night at Wembly stadium with 70 thousand others at a Coldplay concert... Im not into Coldplay but hey, who's gonna turn down a free ticket on a Sat night... Watched the concert and left a little early to avoid the crowds... I walked past a woman who was having a right old ding dong with her boyfriend....and all of a sudden out of the blue a drunken wild woman was closing me down.. She was clearly going to take my eyes out... Before I knew it she was jumping at me. What I didnt mention was we had really hard rain all through the concert. so I had my soggy rugby jumper over my shoulder and it was about 3 times the weight from when its dry... My initial reaction was to gain some distance between me and her but it was to late so I swung my sogggy jumper at her which slapped her square in the face.... Was that funny to see....Yeah ....Did that help...No... did I feel good about it...No ....was she now on my back trying to bite me....Yes!


Thankfully the guys that were with this rabbid woman dragged her away kicking and screaming into the night...


Jeeeeez you just cant have a good ol night out now....


Just though I share that with yall..



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Damn SB' date=' that was the video we were talking about in Yuma!


Yeah 959, I hate it when women pull that crap.

I had a similar thing happen to me right after high school 25 years ago.

Some drunk gal got pissed at me as I was walking past with a group of friends - to this day I don't know why.

She was trying to kick me in the nuts when I pushed her back against a car, her friends took it from there.


My dad told me to [i']always[/i] treat a Lady like a lady.

If she can't behave like one, then treat her how she deserves.


Works for me.


Gender matters not one bit to me if somebody is gunning for me, either way they'll regret it.


Glad you escaped intact!!!

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