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Definitely never seen one of these LPs


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I have seen similar guitars but they are Spirits, just have not seen one being called a Les Paul. The Kahler is factory just like many other Gibsons had them at the time. I actually like the doulble cutaway body on this one.


I am jot buying this one, I am looking for an LP but I am holding for a special one.

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Noob here, just registered so I could access this thread.


I DID buy this one. Not precisely the LP I was looking for.. but rarity, condition, perfectly pristine unmolested originality and Tim Shaw Pups sold me. (dosn't hurt a bit that the seller was a dead straight shooter and a serious guitar guy as well).


Not turning up the photo I ran across last week w/ Rick Nielsen playing his DC-XPL (AAA Burst top). Not a Kahler guy m'self, but there's no denying this thing's authenticity. Ser# 80805649 MADE IN U S A on back of explorer headstock. Pearloid markers on ebony board. Pat Appl For stickers on pup surrounds. Doesn't exhibit the Norlin pancake construction I was afraid it would, maple cap (3pc) over what appears to be a solid 1-piece mahogany body (if you can't find a seam under nitro that's been shrinking for 24yrs, looks like a pretty safe assumption). Maple neck.


I'm blowing out original routing sawdust in the control cavity, cleaning up original polishing compound here & there. Just astoundingly original.


And the icing on the cake, Shaw pickups stamped 373 185 bridge and 372 285 at the neck. (Jan & Feb 1985).


Okay, so the pots are a little scratchy, little lacquer checking in a few spots.. but this thing just sings. Feel like I hit the Lotto.


Assuming Thundergod's "..4 of those posted here in the last year.." is on the money, I'd call that pretty rare. There are ~1,000 Les Pauls on Craigslist on any given day, (more than that on the 'bay), 10 or 20 valid 60s or early 70s LPs, four or five 50s Goldtops, and at least a couple of '59 Bursts on flea-bay at all times. One model showing up 4 or 5 times a year qualifies as rare in my book.


I'll put up some photos once the kids show me how. [-o<


1985 DC-XPL, Cool guitar.

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