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Impoving LP hardware and pickups


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Hey everyone. I wanted to share what I was doin to my vintage mahogany studio.


Replacing the plastic nut with a tusq nut


my bridge never had the cuts for the strings tohold in place so I'm fixing that.


Also my guitar was never intonated so I did that


replacing the pots withhold 500k cts taper pots


then taking thepickups out and putting on motor city 2nd degree black belts.


What you guys think?

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Some bridges are slotted very little, depending on your style you may want to deepen the grooves, good mod.


The nut is corian, tusq is also syntethic so not sure how much improvement you will see there.


Be careful with the 500K pots, things get bright, not sure how the pickups you are getting will sound. You may end up having to increase the value of the caps to 0.033 or even 0.047 since 0.022 will not give you a ton of adjustment, if you never use the tone pot below 5 it does not matter.


I have a VM and love it pretty much stock except for the Orange Drop caps and the slight wiring changes to the tone pots.

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The nut is corian not plastic, technically tusq is a hard plastic as well. If you change to tusq is not going to be worse but I do not know how much better it will get, maybe the nut will be setup better and you will like the guitar better but it will be because of the setup not the nut. i do not think you can go wrong.


The guitar is not going to get too bright but brighter yes, you will notice the change, I am not familiar with the pickups you are installing.

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