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Modded SG Project: Finally Done


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Hey Guys,

I got this SG sometime around June and was really happy with how it played and such. However... I just got bored with how plain it looked. So I went to town on it. I just really didn't like the whole black guitar/black pickguard thing.


I finally soldered in the SH-6 into the guitar this afternoon. I had to do a couple unusual things to get it to work with the Gibson PCB in the back of it. I had to cut the leads of the old pickup going into the plug that goes into the board. It wasn't too bad. But it came out sounding fantastic.


The guitar now has D'Addario Med Top/Heavy Bottom Strings (11-52) on it and is tuned to D standard. Plays excellently.


This is a list of things I added to it:

Schaller Straplocks

Gibson Black SpeedKnobs

White Diamondplate Pickguard

Tonepros Locking Tailpiece and TOM Bridge

Seymour Duncan SH-6 Distortion (Black/White)

Stainless Steel Truss Rod Cover (w/ my last name on it)

Kluson/Tonepros TPK33 Locking Tuners


Before Pics:








After Pics:








Plz don't hate me for shitty cell pics.


I'm off to play some Mastodon... bbl

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niiiice. How does the new bridge pickup sound? also the diamond plate is a nice tough. Those tonepros tuners though... they look... weird.


With the schaller straplocks' date=' did you use the screw that came with them, or did you just re-use the stock screws?[/quote']


The bridge pup sounds fantastic. Its a lot hotter than the stock one. The tone pro tuners take a bit getting used to, but the locking feature they have makes it so worth it. With the straplocks, I used the screws that came with the straplocks, I just put a little wood glue inside the hole before I put them in and I haven't had a single issue since.

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BTW' date=' where did you get the PG???[/quote']


Ebay my friend.


However I think I am going to change out the pickguard for a solid white 3-ply guard. The diamondplate really doesn't fit the look of the guitar that well and it doesn't sit completely flush against the body in a couple of spots (you can't see it in the pics, but I definitely notice it while playing).

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