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You don't need a good bow, and you don't want a good bow b/c whatever bow you use is gonna get thrashed. I used to work at a music store and got the cheapest one we would give to rental violins. It is kinda fun for a minute, but it is not really worth spending any money on. Violin bows are basically dependent on two things: the bow material and the string material. Nice bows are made of nice wood, and nice strings are usually horse hair. If you've ever seen a live clip of Page playing the bow, half of the strings are off of the bow by the end of its use. The point is violin bows are not meant for guitars (and neither are guitars for violin bows because of a non-bowed bridge), and you will end up spending a lot of money replacing these things if you keep doing it. Go to a music store where they rent instruments and buy one of the used pieces of junk; anything more would be a waste. Anyways, unless you are trying to impress people while your on stage (like Page was) then guitars and effects nowadays to achieve the sustain that Page was hoping for by playing his guitar with a bow.

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