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Les Paul Special Worn Cherry with P90s?


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I was wondering if anyone here can tell me the difference between a Les Paul Studio Worn Cherry and a Les Paul Special Worn Cherry?


The Special I saw has P90 pick ups and looks very similar to the Studio model on the Gibson website, although it has dots on the fretboard rather than trapezoids, and the black scratchplate is flush with the body. I can't find any further information on it anywhere. Just wondering as I saw one in a shop here recently and I can't find any specs or further information after looking for a while on the net. It was advertsied as RRP $2799 (Australian) marked down to $1699, so it seemed like a good buy. I also saw a Studio advertised for a similar price, so I am wondering which is the better buy, or are they about the same?

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Now, the Les Paul Special that made it to Australia recently is different than the one in America, but unless they decided to drastically change what a Les Paul Special is:


Les Paul Special:

Flat-top ("slab") mahogany body

two P-90s


Les Paul Studio:

Carved top mahogany body

two humbuckers.


Very different instruments. Personally, I'd buy the Les Paul Special, but that's just my taste.

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