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Is a speaker cable a commodity item


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A speaker cable is nothing more than a heavy duty lamp cord, two conductors, no sheilding. Unlike a guitar cable that carries very low voltage (millivolts) at a very high impedence (700K or so), an amplifier is pushing relatively high voltage at low impedence.


Voltage is defined as Electromotive Force ("E" in a electrical equation), and the higher the voltage the harder the signal is pushing down the conductor. The only real consideration in buying/making speaker cables is wire guage. Too large and it will cause accessive resistance (blow up the amp), too small will cause excessive heat build up (melt, short, catch fire).


12-16 guage wire is sufficient for most normal applications. I use "zip cord" (flat two conductor lamp type cable) for all my speaker cables. The fact that it is flat cable instantly identifies it as a speaker cable versus any other cable type (guitar, mic, line, fx, etc). Obviously you don't ever want to use a sheilded cable for speakers or a non-sheilded for guitar or any other "audio" type applications.

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