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1996 Les Paul Special


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Good afternoon,

Can anyone tell me does this look right?

I've been offered this - serial number is 91386412 so this would make it 96. I cant' see "MADE IN USA" stamping - should this be on a guitar of this date please?

Ive put 4 pictures on Photobucket - the links are below. Any help would be appreciated.














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Serial number of 91386412 would indeed make it a 1996.

I called Gibson Customer Service on this, since it looks legit to me.

Here's what they told me;


Yours is a Les Paul Junior Special, color is gloss TV yellow, with P-100 pickups.


"MADE IN USA" stamping may not have been used in '96.

It was left off many guitars over several years, only to come back full time (kinda) in about 2006.


Looks good - BUY IT!

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Well thanks to you for your comments guys - the pick guard was what makes it all look a bit "skew".


I'll check with the present owner & see if theguard was replaced by him - a new one wouldn't be a problem. It does confuse me though, the way that Gibson vary things so much -!



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Me again - got more pics off him - you can see that it HAS had the scratchplate replaced by the wrong type.


Anyway, hopefully a friend of mine who happens to live near the vendor, will fix to go & play on it.













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I've heard of LP Specials.

Heard of LP Juniors.


Never heard of a Junior Special.


That's what Gibson says it is' date=' so it's obviously somehow different.

Maybe the guard is the difference?[/color']



The specials as released in 1955 were all juniors, just a upgraded junior.

I'd say maybe all specials are still fancy juniors.

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true- basically the Special is a junior with 2 - P-90 pickups instead of one!

i withdraw my previous comment about the switch...that only applies to d/c models.


i can see in the photos now that yes, the original pickguard was removed and replaced.

can't say why? but anyway.

also the speed knobs are not original either.

whoever owns this guitar is trying to tart it up a bit to look more like a LP standard or at least a studio.

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