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Hey again!, so do any of you have an SG that isnt made by Gibson?? which one do you use? i dont mean like a cheap copy, i mean a real guitar (i dont know how to word it, i mean like not like a stagg, more like a tokai or epi) if you get me. My other ones used to be a Chinese Tokai, which is esentially an epiphone with nice pickups, (which i got rid of) And a Burny SG '69 (which i wont get rid of). the burny kicks A$$! its my favourite guitar besides my Gibson, its totally awesome! i dont have a camera but the guitars im talking about are http://www.guitar-sales-scotland.com/manage/gallery/tTokai%20SG2.jpg and also http://image.www.rakuten.co.jp/koeido/img10312321142.jpeg sorry but these arent my pictures, the Tokai is the only non batwing SG i've had, except from my first guitar (lets not get into it) Batwings rule!


cheers guys!

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Don't get me started on THAT subject.


I'm a big Guild fan.

Didja see how many of their acoustics are now made in China?

Didja see some of the prices?


Well over a grand for some.....

I'm told they are well made - I don't care.



I would love to see their electric line come back, the most I've heard from a couple guys I've met who work for Fender in Scottsdale is that maybe there will be some sort of limited run of some Custom Shop stuff.

Probably to gauge the market for the demand of a brand that they f-ing killed.

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