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a long and fool project: lifetime sg


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Hi. I have a foolish idea. I got my 1st Gibson in the form of a simple SG Special Faded and it's simply love (now I'm saving to buy a vintage Standard but it's another story...). I will never sell my first SG, it (or she?) will be forever with me. But I want to customize it, adding and/or changing something every year, something complex or simple, just like a child that grows and changes while still being recognezable... foolish I know. But I see it as a mean to express the pleasure this SG is giving me, and will give again, and also as a mean to show or better to recollect all my passions. I know it will cost an indefinite amount of money, I hope my luthier's daughter will enter at least a nice college...

Now after the rant, let's talk technically: 1st thing to do: PU change. A functional customization, sometimes I dream of a p-94 at the bridge, or better those SD switchable between p-90 type of sound and Humbucker one. Or choose the classical way: '57's cannot go wrong.

After comes the dressing: I hate the batwing pickguard, I think it's not possible to simply swap it with the classical smaller one cause the routing between PU's, so I'm thinking: removing the big pickguard, plug the hole in the center, plug screw holes left, then sanding painting etc. So we are at the third step: painting. I'm still thinking about it: a dark color? the beloved cherry red? faded or glossy? an elegant british green? a mad "golden top" or bronze?

After, the fingerboard: I'd like to keep it without binding, but with block inlays! A big task I suppose.

After this, the head. I'd like to mix ages and styles (remember I couldn't care less about resale value...I don't want to sell it ever). So another big task for my luthier (in the meantime his daugher will be getting her driver's licence so here's money for a car...): Gibson logo inlayed, not silk-screened. And the mother of pearl crown, or the diamond.

I'm sure there will be a lot of other little changes to do (machines? bridge? pots? and so on...) but, hey, time is on my side, it isn't?=D>


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Oh geez, look at the crummy, wimpy bevels on that kit.


The price is really good, though, for doing a project guitar, so I'd probably go with that one if I were doing this sort of project. I love the idea of the project in general, but I'm not sure about the idea of cannibalizing a perfectly good Gibson SG--do whatever you want, of course, but you were the one who asked for advice. After all, I've made my own adjustments from time to time, and the thing still sounds and plays just as well or better than it did when I first took it home.


In general OP, I support you completely. Good luck!

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