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20th anniversary VS Legend


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I played a Legend L-00 against what I think may have been a 20th anniversary L-00 recently. The non-Legend guitar was black with firestripe pickguard. The sales guy said there was a limited number of them made. It did not have the 20th anniversary symbol on the back that I have seen on some guitars, but other 20th anniversaries I have seen have not had this either, so I am not sure if this guitar was a 20th anniversary or some other special run. The Legend had the huge V-shaped neck of a 1930's guitar. The ebony had a much slimmer non-V neck, that to me was much more comfortable. Soundwise, the ebony guitar had it all over the Legend, no question. Even two or three sales guys said that the Legend was not worth the money. After playing the ebony one, I whole heartedly agree. Price on the Legend was about $5200. Price on the ebony was about $3200. So for 2 grand less, the ebony was a much better sounding and playing guitar.


Good luck!

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