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Dark Fire Feedback? Very Interested Buyer Here...


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I am going up to my local"ish" guitar shop to check out the Dark Fire that they have in stock. I have been a fan of this guitar (obsessed maybe) since I saw it a few months ago and though I've read both good and bad about it, it's striking a chord with me.


I am also going to check out the Customs that they have in stock but other than the Class 5's, I haven't been too crazy about the recent Customs.


I do like the Hot Rod though I wish it said something like "Custom" on the pick guard though I know it IS what the guitar is called. Based on the Gibson site price though it is a bit out of my range.


There's a nice Les Paul Standard at the Best Buy (crazy Gibsons at BB) up here for about $1k less than the other options will probably cost me in the end, so that is the other thing I'm considering.

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