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1981 SG standard in white insurance valuation please !!!!


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Please can anyone help with a valuation for my beloved "old warhorse" SG. My worst nightmare has just come true, the guitar recently fell and the headstock has broken off completely. So can anyone tell me how much I should be looking at to replace it. I don't think 1981 was a golden year for SG's, but mine was an absolute peach!!!! It played like a dream and sounded like it was powered by the devil himself. I tried several new ones, but I wasn't all that impressed, but when I first played this one, nothing has come close to this bad boy since, is this normal for SG's are there particularly good ones, and if so where can I find another, and how much should I expect to pay?


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Thanks in advance


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Thanks chaps for your reply's, VMA but I already tried to get it fixed. But the headstock and neck split down the middle the luthier said he hadn't seen anything like it before and yes it would cost more than it was worth to fix it. So I think the only option is to purchase another. I'm totally gutted!!!

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Pay the money' date=' fix it.


Broken, it's no more than nostalgia-inducing firewood.

Nobody will buy it.


You'll likely never get rich selling it, but you should be able to make a good player out of it like it used to be.




ya fix it and have the neck reinforced to prevent it form hapening again.


anyone remember the viking SG and its broken headstock...... thats what I mean.

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Keep all the parts and pieces together, shop around with different luthiers as you have time.


Hell, if all else fails you can send it to Gibson.

They perform miracles there.


Prices vary widely from expensive to HOLY SH!T!

Still, if the guitar could be fixed it's a shame not to.


What else would you do with it?

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I know its easier said than done when shelling out big dollars to repair such an unfortunate accident but if it is really that special to you, you might spend years trying to find one to replace it and still have to settle for something "not quite right". Guitars are so unique in how they have been played and worn into their own special personality. If it was mine, I would do what I had to to save up the money and I would send it to Gibson. Like it has already been said on here, they can perform miracles. Just my opinion.............

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