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I have purchased a Gibson SJ-200 Custom with rosewood back and sides.

It came with a fishman elipse aura pickup with soundhole mounted volume control.

I notice that along with the battery, it is rather big.


just love the sound of my guitar, but I keep wondering if there would be any significant difference if I removed the Aura Elipse pickup.

Does anyone have experience with something like this? Will the the sound change if I remove it?

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Congrats on you new acquisition and welcome to the Gibson Jumbo Club! My 200 is rosewood as well.......it's definitely a different beast than the traditional maple models. I don't think removing the pickup system will make a significant difference in the tone or sound of your guitar. Having said that, it could well make some difference that you might like. I recently removed the pickguard from mine and that did make a small change in the sound. I liken it to what some drummers do when they put a piece of duct tape on the snare head to reduce reverberation within the drum......it kind of dries out the tone a bit. The big, thick, bound tortoise guard on the Westen Classic had a bit of the same effect. With it off, the top sustains a little longer and there are a few frequencies there now that weren't before. This is, however, quite subtle and unnoticeable to anyone other than myself. I guess the bottom line is if you use and like the pickup system. If not, take it out and see what happens........you can always put it back.

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