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Anyone heard from Ballcorner???


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i like it the way it is. and G u e s t, you appear to be begging. maybe you and BC could work it out where he insults and derides you via back channel from time to time. considering the low regard BC had for Gibson and his fellow forum-ites and his willingness to expound, ad nauseam, to that end, i find it amusing that anyone would remember him with fondness, or for that matter, at all. BC back? feh.

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Woo - saying please is begging - my bad.


I never had any issues with ballcorner and used to enjoy his contributions to the various discussions.

He had some knowledge, especially on acoustics, and had been playing a good few years from what he said.

He brought some interesting insights to the Gibson-v-Other guitar debate, and brought simple answers to musical stuff I personally found 'complicated', having no formal training but 45 years playing under my belt.


My opinion, as intimated above, is that the place is better with him around.

Your opinion is that it is NOT.

But we all know opinions are like a55holes - everyone has one and most stink.

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