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2009 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Historic 1959 Reissue

tom brown

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This reissue is on ebay for sale and wanted to get some feedback because i have a bad itch and i think a 59 reissue is the only soultion for it.


here is the link..








questions ,


Aren't all 1959 reissues considered "custom shop" that is stated , is he just being word-ee?


Is the 50 aniversity different from a regular 59 reissue?


whats does r9 mean? is it different from a standard 1959 reissue?


Was it unwise to remove fake dirt?


Is there a website that i can check out to see the differences in these reissues?


It seems to be a good value(?) and i like the rosewood very tight. Any comments or information is appreciated.....thanks, tom

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R9 is just the short form for 1959 reissue.

R8 = '58 reissue, etc.


All R9s are Custom Shop.


50th anniversary just means it was built in the anniversary year 2009.

Technically speaking, all 2009s are 50th anniversary models but only some of them come with certificates that state "50th". I have one of the first 500, 2009 R9s that were the official 50th anniversary R9s. The only difference between my guitar and that one is mine has a gold certificate, it's Heritage Cherry, and is not VOS. VOS meaning it doesn't look like a brand new guitar.


Fake dirt is just the VOS stuff. There's no harm in removing it as long as the guy used the proper cloth and didn't scratch the guitar. I've wiped the VOS off of two of my guitars.


Is there a good website? Sure, right here...ask away.

All 2009 reissues have the new appointments. They're a little different from 2008 & older reissues.

The only difference between an R7, R8 & R9 is the price. R9s have flame tops and that's why they cost more. Exact same guitar.


Seems like a good price. About the going rate for a used, older R9.

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thats what they want you to think. but the only difference between a gloss 59 Reissue and a 59 VOS Reissue is the price and the gunk/aging. same guitar.


i dont think the VOS will affect the finish other than make it look bad (imo). its can also be sticky to the touch. just polish that crap right off. ;-)

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It is a very nice guitar for a descent price, but the top just doesn't "wow" me. Usually when I see an R9 without the pickguard it looks stunning. If you have GAS for a nice Gibson, an R9 will def. quench that thirst. But the last thing you want to do is to jump into a purchase like this- if you want an R9, get the one that you want, don't just find the best deal or buy the first one you see. Once you do a little research on '59 reissues, you'll start to be more picky with what you want out of it (exact specs, flame top, year, finish, etc.) Very exciting, though!

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The only difference between an R7' date=' R8 & R9 is the price. R9s have flame tops and that's why they cost more. Exact same guitar.[/quote']


Hey Are Nine,


What about neck profiles and frets, no difference?


Still trying to work the finances (& the financial manager i.e. my wife :-$ ) to add an R9 to my recently acquired red-top R6 :D


Historics really are worth the extra, but then I don't have to tell you that, do I????



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ledzep59 is totally right on this one - you shouldn't buy a guitar of this caliber just because it's slightly cheaper than the next one.

R9s aren't something you buy everyday, make sure you like everything about it.


OK, as Les Paul guys I think we really split hairs when it comes to things like neck profiles.

Neck profiles are supposed to be slightly different between years. R6s & R7s having the fattest necks (probably R4s, too), followed by R8s, then R9s, with R0s having the slimmest necks.

That's the general rule and probably what you'll encounter 99% of the time but it's not always the case. I've played an R9 with a fatter neck than my R8 and an R7 with a slimmer neck than my R8.

All the Black Beauty Rs I've played had similar necks to my R9.


I don't know when the switch was made but there was a time when R9s had the jumbo frets and the rest didn't.

Fret wire is all the same now. I've never noticed a reissue with thinner frets. Oldest I've played being a 2005 or 2004.

When I say they're all the same now, I mean just that. Only differences are neck sizes, finishes, plain top/flame top, & weight of each individual guitar.

Again, R9s are supposed to weigh less but it's not always the case. Now, just because they're all built the same, doesn't mean they all feel/sound the same.

Some are better than others...much better.


VOS - it's about a 2-1/2 to 3 hour process (at least for me, it was. lol) to clean it off.

You just need some cotton rags and a good cleaner and/or polisher. I used Virtuoso Cleaner & Polish, two separate bottles.

Basically, take off all the hardware until your guitar looks like this (picture) and start polishing.

All this does is remove the milky white haze from the wood but it doesn't look bad to begin with.

I didn't bother cleaning the hardware because it looks great, as is.

If you were to clean the hardware, you'd need a non-abrasive cleaner.

The end result is a shinny guitar but maybe not 100% as shinny as a high gloss model.

Neo, you should get a reissue. =D>


Historics really are worth the extra' date=' but then I don't have to tell you that, do I????[/quote']

No, no you don't...O:)

Although, I must say, I am very impressed with my new Traditional.

It doesn't feel like crap after playing my R9 like my old '06 LP Standard and every other USA LP I've tried.

Definitely not in the same league as a Custom Shop Les Paul but a great guitar on its own.



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