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Question about Truss Rod on my Songwriter Deluxe


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Hello everyone,


I recently picked up a Songwriter Deluxe from my buddy. We've known each other for years and have played in different bands together.

I remember when he bought the Songwriter back in 2005 - he had it setup in a reputable store and since then, has played it sparingly.

He told me he brought it back for another setup about 2 years ago but mostly brought it out to record.


When I found out he was letting it go, I had to jump on it - I used to own the older Songbird Deluxe model and sold it.

It was one of the first high end purchases for me so I missed it a lot.


Anyways, when I took it home and tinkered with it, I noticed right away that there was a weird hum or buzz when I hit a certain chord or string.

First thing I did was open the truss rod cover to see if that was the culprit.

Sure enough, I noticed the acorn nut being pretty loose. Now I'm not sure how the Gibson truss rods work, but it got me a little worried.

I basically tightened it a little bit just so that it wasn't loose (and the hum went away), but was wondering if this was an issue of some sort.

From my past knowledge of truss rods, it made me think that it was broken - or the truss rod was just completely loose.


Any help or advice? The guitar plays perfectly and the action is dead on. My buddy also had it setup by one of the best luthiers in town.

So I'm confused how it would get this way? Or am I being paranoid?

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