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Hi guys just a few questions


I am looking for a journalism degree, and live in Illinois


I plan on going to Illinois State University, and have the credentials to do so


My ACT is a 28 and my gpa is like 3.6, what should I expect from colleges?


Also, has anyone gone to Illinois State, or any of the other Illinois colleges? and what experiences have you ahd with them?

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Seriously though, my son went to the University of Chicago. Great school, but housing was expensive. I'm guessing you are a Senior this year, you can expect a flood of college literature in the coming months. Keep an open mind on locations, and apply for every scholarship and grant you can find. This is your opportunity to grow. I wish you luck.

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My college experience consists of attending one term in a community college and helping my Sons through state college/university. So, from the point of view of someone who wants very much to see his children have good, productive, rewarding lives, I'd say your folks should be ready for a deluge of paperwork, legwork and check-writing in the process of helping you ease into your first year. If that's the case, if Mom and Dad are helping you in any way whatsoever, remember to let them know how much you appreciate it. Don't be that kid that expects things to be done for him. You don't strike me as that kinda guy anyway but...just sayin'.


And, if you're not accustomed to exercising a great deal of self-discipline in your life, now's the time to start practicing. There are a LOT of distractions for first year students. They're ALL costly if they interfere with your success.


Congrats on your scholastic accomplishments so far, keep on keepin' on, compadre.

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You can expect to take English classes and Journalism classes.

You can expect to work for the Student Newspaper as I did.

I was the sports editor and loved it.

You can also expect to get a job freelancing for local newspapers which I did.

I got to cover sports every Friday night during Football season and every other sport during their season.

I also covered concerts at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater for a local paper. I did interviews, pre show write ups and reviews of the shows for two or three years. It was a blast.

If you go into print media, good luck making a livable wage. If you go into TV, good luck with that too.

Journalism is a great job. I did it for a big part of my life.

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Lot's of good advice here stay focused and work hard but have fun they are both important.


A GPA of 3.6 and a 28 is a pretty good score (since 20 is the 50% mark) but will that get you into the school and program you want to attend? colleges are getting more competitive all the time and they want a median score there proud to post, you can research the median scores of current classes and see where you stand. It always helps to really stand out in some way so make sure your score is substantial in the critical area's you plan on studying. I ended up taking the ACT and SAT several times based on the scores I wanted and needed for acceptance.


Good Luck.

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Thanks to everyone


All of my current grades/ACT will get me into the colleges I want, but I need to decide on a major, right now I am torn between Journalism and Secondary Education for English


I am more leaning towards Journalism but I can't decide whether to get into broadcast or print, I prefer print, but like everyone knows, making a livable wage is very hard, the need is decreasing greatly


I have a decent level of self control, I don't party, I don't drink or do drugs, I am a pretty plain vanilla person who likes loud music :-s


I still have a little time, and my parents are very supportive of me, I just need to make sure everything gets done in time


I am still unsure of a minor, I was thinking Russian for K-12 :^o

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Funny thing about majors. Only about 50% of the people who start a major actually see it through to the end. This is particularly true in the engineering disciplines. Your first year will be filled with the core stuff anyway, so you have time. If all you are getting are small school gouge, thats probably what you checked when you took your ACT. You should run down to your local Barnes and Noble and buy one of the dozen or so books of colleges. They break them down by major, size, location etc. Also, look for a book on "Free money". Applying for them are painful, but an extra $2,000 or $3,000 over a four year college program really helps. And you would be amazed at what's available.

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I hope you're reading this...


I've made sorta a living since 1966 full time as a print journalist. Up until 1995 it got me onto three other continents to do various sorts of stories and pix. It was a blast. No money, really, but lots of fun and opportunity to see and be "inside" of things from politics on those continents to Northern Plains ag exports to hunting and fishing.


I started in '65 part time while pursuing a secondary English teaching degree. It was so much fun as a part timer that it was an easy seduction for the small daily wheels to talk me into quitting school to go full time.


That was the most stupid thing I've ever done.


The starting paycheck was roughly what a starting teacher earned. Yeah, I've had some "better" jobs, but at this point I'm still making about what a starting teacher gets here. That's with a shelf full of writing and design awards, etc.


Get the teaching degree - English with a J minor perhaps. Add history and even some political science and/or a couple of classes in logic, lit and rhetoric.


Just make sure you get your teacher certification.


Then if you wanna torture yourself, get a newspaper job until after a year or two you decide it likely isn't the fun - or even the paychecks - we had in the "olden days." They won't send you to Europe for an extended stay doing stories on ag exports and such; they won't send you to South America for sports stories or to Asia for culture pieces.


If you stick with it, you end up addicted and with a constant adrenalin trickle that you're not sure is because of job/corporate circumstances or a long list of "pre-planned" stories that will be expected even with breaking news tossed in. <grin>





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I hope you went to college and you're doing well. I am also studying now. At the moment, I'm writing research on the history, but I have some troubles. I have already turned to this site (external link removed) for help. They provide students with assistance with writing papers. I hope I do my work well and get a good grade. I believe that everything will be fine. 

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Well, if Fred went to college, changed his major from Journalism to Nursing, graduated, got accepted to Medical School, busted his hump and did really well, he just now might be getting ready to graduate.  

At which point we're going to have to call him DOCTOR Silenced Fred. 


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