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Replacing pickups in my '93 MIII Standard: suggestions wanted


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Way back in 1992, I bought my first really nice guitar: an MIII Standard (ebony w/ tigereye pickguard & coil tap HSH). I loved that axe for a long time. The thin neck was perfect for someone like me with smaller hands, it had incredible sustain, and the wide range of sounds it produced were great for someone with eclectic musical tastes.


For various reasons, I stopped playing for about 7 years, and the MIII went into its case in a closet and was never opened once in all that time. A few months ago I took up the guitar again, but I find myself dissatisfied with how the pickups on the MIII sound now; they're fuzzy and muddy, not crisp and powerful as they once were. I purchased a really nice Ibanez SA260FM off of ebay to play daily, but I want to refurb my MIII. I want to replace all three pickups (and all the rest of the electronics, for that matter), but retain the versatility of the MIII pickup switching system. I liked the meaty punch of the original humbuckers, and the nice Strat sound it produced in single coil mode. I want something as good as that, if not better. Just FYI, I play a lot of blues, blues rock and old school metal, but I want the option of a high output Metallica/Pantera sound.


As a side note, a friend recently replaced the stock pickups on his Epi SG Standard with Rockfields: an SWC in the neck and Mafia in the bridge, and it sounds incredible. I can't believe that Angus Young's own guitar has better tone than now comes out of my buddy's $500 Epiphone. He plays more hard rock than I do, though, and never has use for a Strat sound.


So what I am looking for is suggestions for replacements for both humbuckers and the single coil that can be coil tapped and retain the flick-of-a-switch versatility that made the MIII a great guitar.

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Go with the Rockfields...****ing great pickups!


From what I've heard from my friend's SG and on youtube, I agree. And cheap as hell, too ($50-60 ea). What about the single coil, though?


I'm a pickup replacement neophyte; the MIII satisfied all my sonic needs for many years, so I never even had to consider replacements before now.

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