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Severe tuning problem - please HEEELP!

Les Paulchen

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Hello to everyone!


Got my own Gibson Les Paul Standard 3 Months ago and am not satisfied at all because of the severe tuning-problems I have! Hopefully I am the only one in here with such a problem, but if not, please contact me... Pray


The following description of the problem I've sent to Gibson-Customer service:



I hope you are able to help me with my problem, because until now everybody is sending me to someone else to "blame".

My problem: nearly 3 months ago I bought a Les Paul Standard 2008 at xxx in Germany. The guitar turns out to really be a beautiful instrument with a more than convincing sound - BUT! - from the first day I have severe tuning-problems. First I thought it would be the String or the locking-mechanics but it wasn't so. I went back to Lindberg Store and they told me that they cannot find anything and asked me to go to a local guitarbuilder to check it out. I went there and he changed the nut of my new guitar, took 70 Euros, and told me everything was ok now. 2 days later I moved to Greece - and the Problem is still there. Last week in the Studio we had to tune the Guitar 7 times during a 35 Minutes recording!!


The tuning problem behaves as follows: I tune the guitar from the low to the high E, and as soon I got the high E, the low one is tuned to high (allways to high!) and sometimes the G to low. All the other strings are pretty instable throughout the whole time...

To our lead guitarist it seemed as when the neck was slightly "twisting" arround itself indulging the higher tension of the strings.



Does anyone know what to do or what to look for?


Thanx for reading my "essay"! ;-))


Best regards from Greece....

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I hope you're not using some goofy "hand-wound" boutique brand of strings.


As long as you haven't changed string gauge since the luthier made a new nut, you shouldn't have tuning stability issues if you string the guitar properly. In fact, the locking tuners should make stringing easier. You're not winding the strings too far around the posts, are you? Locking tuners are supposed to hold the string without any wraps.


And +1 on lubricating the nut slots when you change strings. And the stretching thing, although that usually helps to keep the strings from going flat rather than sharp.


Do the strings make a "ping" or "chink" sound when you tune up?

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This really sounds like a sticky nut to me. It's well known that the stock nuts are inconsistent at best and just because it was replaced doesn't mean the new one is not suspect, especially if the luthier used a pre-slotted replacement like a Graph-Tech. I just installed a Graph Tech nut and it still needs some filing and finish work all around. Even if he cut the slots himself, if he didn't take the time to smooth out the slots nicely they could still need some work. At the very least it sounds like the slots need some lube as has been mentioned above.

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There is something missing here.

1. This should have been taken to a Gibson authorized repair clinic, once the nut was changed the Gibson warranty is null and void, unless it was deemed defective by an authorized repair clinic.

2. There could be any reason for this happening, but the repair tech should have caught the problem unless he was inept.

3. We don't know what this OP was adjusting or if he was, there is too much lack of information to make a qualified guess on this.

Unfortunate as this is, his warranty is shot and he will have to pay extra to correct the problem, even if it is a slightly twisted neck (doubtful but could happen I guess).

Good luck with your LP.

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Ok do this


Take out all the strings, make sure the bridge and stop tail are in their place and there is no way they can be moving while the strings are on.


Now buy a new set and replace the e and E strings first. Tune them up and see what happens.


Then the G string which is the one that puts the most tension on the neck.


See what happens... Check intonation and stability.


If there's no problem the shouldnt be any issues when instaling the remaining strings.


If there's a problem with the neck it will show when you instal and tune the G string.

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Hey everybody!


First of all: THANX for your nice comments!


Second: To whom it may concern (got it don't you?). It is a black Standard I bought for 1888 Euros 3 months ago + I was working 5 Years at a guitarshop where I tuned maybe 3-4 guitars a day and never had a prob - I haven't been here since I posted cause I am at work all day! And sorry for Gibson, but the quality could be much better in some ways for such a price! :-


So, tomorrow I got an appointment with the Gibson-Doc. He told me he could tell me within a day if it was a warranty case or not - my new nut is no problem he told me.

What I did do until now is:


New nut

Third pair of strings (9ers - got two surgeries on both hands due to to much Piano and drumming... #-o ) in three different ways

1-2(3) windings a string - always tuning from low to high

Intonation checked twice

Checked Stopbar, Bridge and nut


Only thing I've not done is the graphite on the nut...


Thanx again to all!

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If you've worked in a guitar shop, you should know all about set-up and main't. on a guitar, with locking tuners there's no need to wind the strings around the post, that's the point.

You have changed string gauge from the original 10's to 9's, so with that it is an automatic set-up needs to be done, including in most cases the truss rod.

If the repair person is willing to repare the guitar it won't be under Gibson warranty as you've modified the guitar and not from a registered repair center.

Pics would be nice, not doubting you but there's something missing in the equation here.

Good luck and let us know how you make out, but this is not a quality issue from Gibson, there are too many factors that don't add up.

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Hello everyone!


How are you all! Thanx again for your concern and sorry for the late answers, caus I was on a businesstrip yesterday! Also I was at Gibson Greece with my guitar, and guess what: the guitar has a very soft neck and must be replaced. They will communicate with me today again hopefully and will tell me, where to go to replace my guitar, because probably I can do it through thr world wide warranty - the nut is no problem, cause it does not affect the construction! So let's hope they work fast and call me up soon.

The weird thing is, tha neighter the germans, neighter the greek technician have heard of something like this - only the guy of Gibson Europe who called me up yesterday for the first time said that such a thing sometimes happens.


So, now I got to go back to work. If there are any news and I got any time, I will mail you later.




Les Paulchen

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And something else: a Gibson (and plecked & checked & 3000$) with such a problem?!?! For me it is pretty weird - to tell the truth, also because it is my first Gibson, my confidence is, although the service seems pretty good, somehow a little bit broken....what do you think?


Anyway - let's wait and see what will happen,



Les Paulchen

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And something else: a Gibson (and plecked & checked & 3000$) with such a problem?!?! For me it is pretty weird - to tell the truth' date=' also because it is my first Gibson, my confidence is, although the service seems pretty good, somehow a little bit broken....what do you think?


Anyway - let's wait and see what will happen,



Les Paulchen[/quote']



Dont want to rain on your parade but the warranty is not valid worldwide as one would expect, it is valid worldwide provided you bring the guitar to the dealer you bought her from, or if he is no longer available, to a dealer in the country you bought her in.


Having bought it in germany and being in grece might be a problem.




Hope Im wrong and gibson has changed that weird policy that is bullsh¡t in my opinion.


Keep us posted.

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Great I hope you do Get Another one.


Let Him Try and Get Another one. Another one with a Nut Problem.


They All Have a Nut Problem. Got to learn the things ya-just got to do.


Like lube the nut. String her Right. Check for Burrs on the nut.


Check and Adjust nut Slot Width for the String Gauge you Use.


Check and Adjust String Height at the 1st Fret to Eliminate Sharp notes


at the 2nd / 3rd frets and to Forget about that "Light Touch" ****.


Good Luck. By the Way all Gibson's Have a Soft neck.


They are made out of Mahogany and even some 10-52s


will pull her hard

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