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As you probably know, the B-25 was originally a 'low end' Gibson acoustic offering, produced in the '60s.


Interestingly, the Japanese market is just crazy for this stuff, and apparently the dealers in Japan have ordered a number of retro reissues of every conceivable model made in the 50s and 60s made by Gibson, including the LG guitars and the B-models. (Gibson had already made the B45-12 reissues back in the early 1990s, in case you're wondering.)


So you'll see the 50s and 60s guitars cloned in all kinds of details that we today would consider to be silly, such as the adjustable height bridges, ceramic inserts, and the laminated tops, etc.


I suspect that the B-25 simply was seen by a US dealer on a Japanese website or catalog, and they ordered some up, and you got one. It's kind of funny/ironic that what was originally a 'student model' guitar is now festooned with a Custom Shop decal! May I assume that it sounds pretty good?



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If my serial number skills are correct, that guitar was built 2 years ago in 2007.


Looks nice. I assume it is X braced and not a ladder braced guitar? Also, just so you know, what were known as "Student Model" Gibson's back in the 50's and 60's have turned out some real winners. I wouldn't sell or trade my 1964 LG1 for anything! I just got done investing about $500 into it for a neck reset, new saddle and a nice K & K Mini Western pickup installed.


Enjoy your guitar and welcome to the forum.

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Thank you all for quick respond.

Yes I was wear that B's where low end guitars so it's little wired that these are made by custom shop??

I bought it from Nashville last week from Gibson's show case. Guy's in shop didn't know anything about it. It was hanging there for a while.


The top is so good looking in my opinion, and the guitar sounds grate.

I have a J-50 and wood on the top of that don't look near as good as b-25's

Other vice those are nice pair..



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