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BOSS RC-2 any experience?


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I do, I own that version and the twin pedal verison, used to own the humongus pedalboard version but it was too much for a southern-hemysphere boy like me.


The one you posted is a great tool, it comes with some drum beats that are very useful, lets you control the tempo and volume of those beats and of the samples. You can record samples and store them for later, never tried to se if taking the batery out deletes them tho.


You can use one of the boss little footswitches to control the tempo (tap tempo) I built one myself as the boss stuff was too little.


There are some modes you can use, I use mostly the play mode (if that's how its called) its the one that has the little play thingy on top (12 o clock on the dial).


Anything specific you want to know about it?

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I have looked into these myself, actually the RC-20XL. I figure for under $100 it's probably worth it to go up a step. They seem really useful, I would attempt to use them live though as well as a practice tool. Haven't pulled the trigger yet...

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