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What is my Guibson's model?


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Hi everyone,


I bought this Guibson's Guitar 20 years ago. I payed around 1000$. I have a serial number : 80329725 and it has been maide in USA.



Here is the neck : ftp://ftp.galilaeum.com/guibsonNeck.jpg.


The face : ftp://ftp.galilaeum.com/guibsonFace.jpg.

The back : ftp://ftp.galilaeum.com/guibsonBack.jpg.


I never know the model name. The salesman didn't know anymore. Help ;-)



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That's something you don't see everyday, some deranged bastardization of the good Gibson name. I don't get the cross-over, if a guitarist wants a strat, buy a friggin' strat. That simple, but, to each their own. I'm with Dom, balls to the... you know... it needn't be named. How does it play though?

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