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Picking up radio stations

Gibson CS

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switch to acoustic...


Radio signals are natural for a guitar since you are essentially making one giant antenna and hooking it up to a speaker... try moving to a different location in the room, both the amp and or you...


It's fantastic for me, I use the old chanting of a local religious station as part of a song!!

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This sounds crazy but it works.....


Take a potato and stick tooth pics in each side to suspend it half way submerged in an over sized coffee cup or small bowel that is filled half way with water. Put a penny in the bottom of the cup or bowel or something else copper... Stick a three or four inch iron nail into the top of the potato and drive it half way in. Connect a wire from the top of the nail to any screw on your amplifier. Preferably one that will make a solid connection to the chassis of the amp... The radio signals and all interference will stop. You will get a clean powerful signal from your guitar.


After a week or so some roots will grow from the potato into the water. Cut them off and there goes the root of your problem!!



























Happy April 1st!!!!

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I went out tonight and bought a Keeley Compressor. ( Man what a pedal!)

The radio stations have gone bye bye!

Maybe it was the unit?

I baby my equipment, so its not from abuse.

Thanks for the input guys.


Tim A...I cant sing at all..I was told I sound like Olivia Newton John!

FYI...We both were born September 26th.....hmmmmm?

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