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KOTB District finals, Overland Park, Kansas...


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Well, it was an interesting night. I didn't win. :0)


9 players from 5 different states. 2 local players. 1 Les Paul (my R9).


I didn't have an 'on' night...I was cold when I went up to play, and my volume could have been louder.


Two players really stood out, one guy from Springfield, MO had it going on...superb player. Another guy from STL played some great ALbert King/Clapton stuff.


When they announced the winner, my wife and I looked at each other with a WTF? look...the judges voted for one of the local players. The guy could play, but he played himself into corners, and there was no flow to his playing...not pleasing to the ear. One thing he DID have: 4 rows of friends and family to cheer every time he bent a string.


I'm not mad that I didn't win, but I'm miffed that they stole it from the dude that should have. If Joe Bonamassa himself had been there I think he might have lost.


What a travesty. That dude (the winner) is gonna get eaten up at Dallas.


I'm gonna do some woodshedding and be ready for next year. :0)



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