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Gibson songwriter deluxe 12 string


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I finally got the money to buy a 12 string guitar. I´m thinking about the SWD 12 but I have not got the change to try it out yet.


Does anyone in here got any experience with this guitar?


I mean how does it sound compared to, let´s say a Martin D12-28, better/worse?, which one would you choose?


Or is there any other 12 string you would recommand over these two?


By the way what effect does it have on the sound that the SWD 12 is a small body dreadnought compared to the normal size dreadnought?

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Thanks for the post :-) Yeah, it should defenately sound better than the J12-16GT because of the different wood types. But like you said, not a fair comparison.


I just really can´t decide which 12 string I should get. Right now there is 3 that I have focus on: Martin D12-28, Yairi DYM95-12 masterworks, and the SWD 12. I have not had the oppertunity to try any of them myself (though I know they are good all of them), so I have to rely on other peoples experience.


More posts on this subject are most welcome [-o<

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